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Every home is unique. Often we simply accept hot rooms in the summer and cold rooms in the winter as an unavoidable situation due to the temperature extremes outside. What if it was possible to address those problem areas inside your home using a scientific approach specifically designed to resolve your unique challenges? We can AND the Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment is FREE for those who income qualify!

We use building science principles and diagnostic equipment to solve any problems within your home. We provide you with a Comprehensive Report describing your situation and include recommendations to resolve the specific issues unique to your building. Your report will include improvements you, the homeowner, can make as well as address some of the more complicated situations that you may want to have an expert perform. No matter how you plan to address efficiency improvements, allow us to put you on the path to energy savings. If you wish to have us perform some improvements, we can help you to prioritize the work you plan to do in a way that addresses your concerns while being mindful of your budget.

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ENERGY CONSERVATION SPECIALISTS, LLC is designated a GoldStar Participating Contractor by the Building Performance Institute, the internationally recognized organization designed to professionalize the building trades by instituting a system of health and safety standards as well as provide quality assurance through energy savings.

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We seek to limit the use of fossil fuels with a focus on reducing dependence on foreign oil, providing energy awareness programs, improving the local economy and creating local jobs while helping to make our customers safe and comfortable in their homes as well as saving them money year round.





'We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; We borrow it from our children.' 
- Native American Proverb

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Our team is always aware that they are working in your home and are trained to treat you and your personal space with the utmost respect and caring - from start to finish.

Do you have a historic building?

Allow our experts in historic structures design energy efficiency upgrades that respects the building and addresses your concerns.



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